Sunday, February 8, 2009

Warp’s up? What’s News in Weaving?

I love the web, and by this I mean the internet…Just look at the interesting things you can find regarding weaving in the news around the world.

I have Google Alerts set up to send me links to sites that have recently posted news articles regarding weaving, so I thought I would post a few links that perhaps might be of interest to you.

Thoughts on the importance of keeping the traditional weaving arts alive….

This group of links are a combination of news articles, opinions and blog post that discuss the current conditions of weaving tradition, and the steps that some are taking to make sure the craft does not become a forgotten art. Some discuss the economic and financial conditions that also affect those weavers of cloth in various textile production industries and countries.

Weaving as a business and passing on the weaving culture to the young generation….

A few tidbits of news that examines the art of weaving as a business, and passing on the craft to other generations as a source of income and celebration of heritage.

Weaving and Textile Exhibitions and new ideas regarding textiles and cloth…

A couple exhibitions that may be of interest for not only traditional weaving and textiles, but new uses of the textiles to convey an idea or incorporate technology.

These are just a few of the current and new findings on the internet, so if you have a link to a news article or exhibition announcement post it here in the comments.

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Oh, just found another link...

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Thanks for hunting down all this info!


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The following is quoted from the Gullah Celebration WebSite:
Welcome to the Hilton Head Island Gullah Celebration! Today, the descendants of West Africans brought in bondage to the coastal islands of South Carolina and Georgia, are striving to preserve a way of life. Gullah is more than simply the language and name of a people. It encompasses the essence of struggle, spirituality, perseverance and tradition.
Leap into this living history beginning January 31 and running through February 28th, 2009, when the Native Island Business and Community Affairs Association, Inc. (NIBCAA) hosts the Thirteen Annual Hilton Head Island Gullah Celebration.
The 2009 schedule of events will include De Aarts Ob We People XII Art Show & Sale, an Ol’ Fashioned Gullah Breakfast, National Freedom Day Banquet, A Gullah Film Fest Series, A Taste of Gullah – Food & Entertainment, A Celebration of Low Country Authors and Books, the Arts, Crafts & Food Expo on Presidents Day Weekend, De Gullah Playhouse, and Youth Musical.

If you are in the area of Hilton Head, SC. I think this is would be a wonderful festival to check out.
-Wefty Woman

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Weaving a Curve: A Documentary Short Film

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And another link...About exhibit in Tampa on Seminole Indian Weavers

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This looks very interesting, aside from this being a great blog: