Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spinning for Warps

Has anyone spun Bamboo for their own weaving projects?

I have spun silk, cotton and all sorts of animal fiber (wool, alpaca, dog...etc.) However, I have fallen in love with this bamboo fiber, and was curious if anyone has had experience spinning and dyeing it. Specifically for warp use.

What about other fibers...maybe we can get a little discussion going about various fibers and how you spin them for warps.

Thank you,
Wefty Woman
One Warped Bitch


Anna said...

I have spun for awhile but have just begun spinning for warps. BFL to start. Havent warped yet. Singles...will have to see if it holds up. Im not much of a knitter but LOVE to spin. Gotta find a way to use the bins and bins and bins (......) of handspun!

SOiNTOiT said...

ah, Mary Atwater....