Sunday, March 1, 2009

No new blog post this week...opps!

Hey, I have had a bitch of a week...this flu has completely knocked me on my ass...So I will have to put off this weeks blog post...

So I will make this an open blog post, as long as it is about weaving...have at it!

Thank you,
Wefty Woman
One Warped Bitch


PB::JJ::WW said...

I want to put this out there cause I just got the new Weavezine link:

how fabulous is that !!!!!!

Thanks Syne, now I got something to read!!!

PB::JJ::WW said...

As many of you know I am working on Complex Weave Structures on Simple Looms. Well I wanted to put up this link to a shop that I have found...
Steven Elder of South4th Woodcraft.

This is a link to the Hair Stick or Shaw Stick:

I bought this little "stick" and I love it. I am using it as a pick-up stick for my narrow warps. Anyway, just wanted to share this, cause as weavers we always find ways to utilize objects out of the normal scope of use.


Syne Mitchell said...

LOL! Thanks for the link. Hope you feel better soon!


Anonymous said...

My poor little Wefty Woman! I hope you feel better soon!