Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A better description of Wefty Woman.

I have had a few days to think over what it is I want to achieve with this blog. And I wanted to explain more of what direction I want to take this blog towards.

The format for Wefty Woman is simple, think of it as an open discussion and exchange of ideas. Weaving was a skill that was taught by passing down the techniques and tips from one experienced weaver to one who is just beginning. Weaving is also an ongoing challenge of knowledge. We learn new things all the time from other weavers. That is how I see this blog. It is for weavers and non-weavers, experienced and beginner, to come together and just talk back and forth about the topic at hand.

I will not post a blog entry, and then proceed to write a full essay about the topic. I want to learn from reading the words written by the readers of this blog. So use the keyboard, and spend a little of your time writing a comment, to pass on what you have learned to others. Teach me what you know by posting comments, let me learn from others by making comments and asking questions. We may not be sitting next to each with a warp out stretched before us...times have changed...but the idea of learning from one another has not.

I will make a new blog post every few days, usually a short introduction of the topic...and end it with questions to get the conversation going. I want visitors to the blog to learn about weaving by listening, or in this case, reading what experienced weavers have to say.

Thank you,
Wefty Woman
One Warped Bitch

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PB::JJ::WW said...

Those of you reading this!
You can make an anonymous comment if you like or use an alias.

If you see something that is interesting, and know a little bit or a lot about the subject...
even tho it is not specific to weaving...
make an appearance and explain that term in the comments and post
a link to your shop and or blog in the process...

And that goes for all of you people that contribute intellectually to the topic at hand...y'all know there is no shame in my mission to promote any of "yous guys" and weaving in particular...

However, don't take advantage and start posting promos in my blog comment sections. Or I will be forced to flail you ferociously and without mercy...and therefore resort to making your ability to post a comment... subject to "pending approval". You got that!

-Wefty Woman
One Warped Bitch